District 201V1-4, Victoria, Australia

Youth programs

2017 Youth of the Year

2016 Primary School Civic Awards

Our congratulations to the winners for this year, with the awards being presented at the respective school Year 6 graduation ceremonies:   

"Read Together" pamphlet launched

The pamphlet titled "Read Together" has been launched in time for book week 2013.  The pamphlet provides a number of tips on reading within the family, providing a good reading environment and reading with your school age child.

The Lions Club of Taylors Lakes has a commitment to promoting the nurturing and development of literacy skills for young people amongst the families of our local area. It will be distributed to areas accessed by young families.     VP Phil and head of Literacy Project said" We are sure you agree that a big challenge for our society is to ensure young people are given the opportunity to become literate members of the community. We place great emphasis on the role that families play in this important part of any person’s development".

The pamphlet can be downloaded here  >> pdf

Youth of the Year

Our inaugural YOTY Year Dinner is Thursday 21st Feb, at 6:00pm.   The venue was the Quatrefoils Restaurant, Trade Training Centre, CRC, 3Sydenham, who provided the sumptuous 3 course fine dining experience.   

 An entertaining night for those present. and a complex task for the judges to seperte the finalists.  Leticia Searle (CRC) was awarded the Public Speaking award, and the overall club winner was Allan Buhagiar (KDSC),  who will represent the club  bat the regional final in March.  Well done Leticia and Allan.


YOTH Year Chair Ian Kluken, President Murray Baud,  Natalie Hutchins MP, Allan Buhagiar (Overall winner), Leticia Searle (Public Speaking winner) and judges: Rev Jeannie Woollard, Alan Nield, Leading Senior Constable  Gerard Dickinson.  

Books for Kids

A great program,  that allows us to support and contribute to International Presidents Wayne Maddens  drive for improvement in literacy rates.  The Books for Kids program focusses on supporting young children to read and the joy of having their own books.   It is a great program.    We've added out poster to the B4K bins at sites to allow people to donate.  

If you want to know more, just call us on 0409 309090.  Further information is at the booksforkids website. 

A friend of ours at the Sydenham Library, Danielle Marie, was fortunate to win a prize of $2000 worth of childrens books recently at a conference.  She had no hesitation in donating it to the Books for Kids program.   Many thanks Danielle! This gift will bring joy to so many kids, who may just own their first book, and give them the opportunity to further build their literacy skills.  A great outcome.  Thanks Danielle.  


2011 School Student Awards

December saw the presentation of Civic Awards to 6 local primary students.   The students were nominated by the schools, and received a certificate and monetary gift  recognizing the contribution of these young folk to the school or community.  We wish them well in their ongoing education and life.  There was no doubt they were very excited in accepting the awards.

The participating primary schools were Taylors Lakes, Taylors Hill, Parkwood Green, Keilor and Sydenham Hillside. Out thanks to Lions Wilma Mclaren and Jackie Baud for continuing to  maintain relationships with the schools community.



Licola Camp

Our 2013 summer camp was cancelled due to the bushfires in the area, and the camp already at Licola was evacuated a day early.  Young Taytyne and Mikydi were very eager so were very happy to attnd the camp in April.


 This camp has a great history, and also caters for adults with events throughout the year. Of course there are also working bees which achieve an enormous amount of maintenance work, etc, but apparently a fun filled time also! Check out the web site for the Licola wilderness village.

1st stop, getting on the bus at South Melbourne, with other campers to collect on the way.  For some kids this is the first time away from the family alone so it can be a little daunting!

On their return on the friday - smiles!

Check out what the boys had to say!     

     George        and Ramy's comment.       

The boys also sent the Club a card each, which was fantastic.       They did enjoy and benefit from the experience.


Community Service Awards for school children

Again this year we'll be seeking assistance with the local schools to identify students showing excellent community awareness or service at an early age. A certificate and monetary award would typically be presented at the end of year ceremonies in the school.

The winner of the civic award 2011 for KDSC was Bobbi Knight, a very busy and civic minded young lady, and a worthy winner!

A special "Hero" award was given to two young students from Keilor Downs Secondary College.  They were nominated by local MP and and club member Natalie  Hutchins, after hearing of their actions.   The mates Victor Huynh and Dat Truong were on their way to school and rendered assistance to a hysterical woman, who's husband had collapsed inside the house.  They calmly took over, sought emergency assistance, waited until the ambulance came, and then wandered on to school to report in late.  Just marvelous lads, who were recognised at the school awards evening.     

Peace Poster Competition 2010

Peace Poster Competition Winner
The club is delighted to announce the winner of our 2010 Peace Poster competition, being  Amanda Szkucik from Monmia Primary School. The committee was impressed by the very thoughtful entry. The entry has now been forwarded for judging with other District entries, and we wish Amanda good luck. Thank you to the Art Teacher Lisa T. for all her assistance in supporting the Year 5 / 6 students to participate in the Competition. We look forward next year to working with more schools in our local area, promoting the Peace Poster Competition and Lions Australia.